We regret to inform you that as of March 2nd, 2016 we are no longer a network provider with Tricare. We apologize for the short notice but Humana Military only gave us 24 hours notice. We have spent the last couple of months working really hard to negotiate a direct contract with Tricare. It has been a difficult decision for us to make but Tricare would not work with us.  We agreed to take a rate reduction, on what is already one of the lowest reimbursing insurances, we contacted our congressmen and spoke to multiple people at Humana Military-Tricare about the effects this would have on our community, to no avail. We care deeply for our Tricare patients and we love serving you; however Tricare is demanding that we accept fees that are below our cost. We will continue to work to resolve this issue and hope that you all will support us by reaching out to Tricare and your congressman to voice your concern.  If you have Tricare Prime you will be require to select a new PCM and we will no longer be able see you. If you have Tricare Standard or Tricare for Life we can remain your provider.

Humana Military: 800-444-5445

Congressman French Hill: 202-2225-2506 or 501-324-5941

Congressman Tom Cotton:  501-223-9081 or 202-224-2353

Congressman John Boozman:  202-224-4843

Congressman Rick Crawford:  202-225-5602