What insurances does Family First Pharmacy take?

Family First Pharmacy accepts all insurance carriers.

Does Family First Pharmacy offer the $4 prescriptions?

We are competitively priced with other local and chain pharmacies and including most $4 programs.

How does Pricing compare to Wal-Mart, Walgreens or other pharmacies?

We are competitively prices with other local and chain pharmacies.

How long will it take me to get my prescriptions filled?

The timing varies based on the number of prescriptions, number of customers and any issues that may arise but in general it takes approximately 5- 7 minutes.

Can Family First Pharmacy text or e-mail me when my prescription is ready?

Yes, just let the staffs know when you drop off your prescription and provide them with the contact information.

Do you offer mail order services?

Yes. You can sign up to have your prescriptions automatically refilled and mailed to you. They usually arrive within one to two business days.

Can I request a refill online?

Yes. Visit the pharmacy page and scroll down the page until you see Online Refill Request.